Teach About Animals With This Fun Safari Scavenger Hunt

Teach About Animals With This Fun Safari Scavenger Hunt


Our ‘Better Together’ celebration continues into week two. In ‘Better Together,’ the campers go on a short scavenger hunt before crossing the finish line. Scavenger hunts are great ways to build teamwork and thinking skills. Here is a fun scavenger hunt to do with any group of kids.


Please consider your space and the kids’ age/ability, when constructing the scavenger hunt. This activity can be done in one big group or several smaller teams. Use a clock and see how many animals the kids can find within the allotted time.

  • Find a nice space that’s not too cluttered, but not too clear. Label different areas within the space a certain habitat (ie. treetop, canopy, swamp, river, savanna, etc)
  • Create clues for each habitat and hide an animal in that spot. Number the clues in the order they should be found.
  • Either leave a written clue at each spot or be prepared to read a clue at each spot (depending on the group’s reading ability).
  • Start the group off with one handwritten or spoken clue.
  • Start the clock and have fun!


  • Increase the difficulty level with age (i.e. This big cat lives in the trees. Find the Leopard. -vs- This spotted mammal can run up to 36 mph. Find this animal in its favorite spot to eat.)
  • For younger groups, give clues based on the animal sounds, color and size (i.e. The first animal sounds like a trumpet. You will find it next to the water).
  • If you really want to be fancy, RHYME.

Click this PDF for Camp Pootie-Cho animal cut outs.

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