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Lewis began writing children’s books in 2009, and since then has published six titles and created four children’s book series: Reading Our World, Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege Workbook, Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho and Ian & Applecat.

Drawing from her own childhood for inspiration, Lewis creates cultural-genre books with African characters all children can relate to, a mission to transform the limited books available with African characters in children’s books today. Of her work, she says, “The best way of getting people familiar with the importance of identity and own surroundings is through the eyes of childhood. Start at the earliest stage of life.”

Joining the campaign to preserve Liberia’s Sapo National Park in Sinoe County, Liberia, she created the series, Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho, using native animals living in the rainforest as characters people can easily fall in love with. She is joined by other authors who write for the series.

Lewis lives with her family in Georgia, USA. Learn more about her work at

Books written by Ms. Lewis

Logan’s relationship with storytelling goes back to childhood summers at grandma’s house. At grandma’s house, every lesson was wrapped in a Bible story or African folktale. Now, Logan brings her own imaginative tales to the “Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho” book series.

Logan has an MFA in writing. She explores her ideas through cultural essays and prose.

Books written by L.M. Logan

Shabamukama Osbert was born on July 7, 1990, in the small village of Mbonwa, Ibanda District, Western Uganda. Since his mother died when he was five-years-old, Osbert was raised by a single father in a big family with eleven other siblings. Art has always been a passion, even during his primary and secondary education. In 2016, he earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial and fine art from Makerere University.

Mr. Osbert is a painter, structural designer, and an illustrator. He loves art. During his free time, he enjoys photography, traveling, painting and doing illustrations. Mr. Osbert currently lives in Kampala, Uganda.

Connect with Mr. Osbert on Facebook, @Ashabo Osbert.

Books illustrated by Mr. Osbert.