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The REAL Sapo National Park



Sapo National Park (SNP) is located in one of Liberia’s 15 counties called Sinoe County. The park is a tropical rainforest with diverse plants and wildlife. It extends for more than 440,000 acres and is West Africa’s second largest tropical rainforest.



SNP has “the highest mammal species diversity of any region in the world.” Many of these diverse species are unique to the Liberian rainforest. Around 125 mammal species and 590 types of birds exist in the forest. Over a thousand different plants and insects call SNP home.



The Liberian rainforest and its inhabitants face new threats, everyday. The pygmy hippo, Diana monkey, African forest elephant, and African golden cat are a few endangered species located in the forest. Logging, hunting and human settlement are illegal in the park, but nearby activities remain a threat.


$1 from every book sale goes to park preservation.

(photography courtesy of David Korte)